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finally-a-RK-championship TEAM

We finally want a RK championship
If u want to help us do it by joining
We discuss about it in the forums
Location: racing kings on

Forum (27)

  1. Any progress? RoyalManiac

    Anybody got some feedback on this Roadmap to Revival? It is the most detailled and realistic plan for an RKWC restart I have seen so far, and that is a shame given that what I wrote above here is only

  2. Any progress? RoyalManiac

    Lots of people (including myself, since I won't participate this edition) would love to help organising the tournament. We need someone to start dividing the tasks and deciding on who is going to help

  3. Any progress? RacingKingsKing , also because of this we organize it we want to make RK more popular

  4. Any progress? RacingKingsKing

    guys, i will do what i can i can send massages for example or create a table on

  5. Any progress? Fates2

    Some ideas for anyone interested... 1) Check how the Crazyhouse tournament was organized. The truth is that it required great effort by FischyVishy. 2) When (and if...) any progress is made , send m

  6. Any progress? RoyalManiac

    Well he could help in writing the rules or updating the brackets for sure, but we need someone else who can moderate everything here on lichess. Since you are still in contact with Falcon on discord t

  7. Any progress? HeavyWeaponsIdiot

    No, he's only on discord :(

  8. Any progress? RoyalManiac

    Is @FalconPower still active on lichess in any way then? He should be able to communicate here and that's not possible with a closed account.

  9. Any progress? HeavyWeaponsIdiot

    Just make a round robin and Falcon can organize it.

  10. Any progress? RoyalManiac

    And don't forget to mention the several AWC's (Atomic) of course. It is a bit of a weird situation with people coming and going that want to organise something but to my knowledge (not being very up-t

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