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A team originally created by Fates2 to lobby for the revival of the first Racing Kings World Cup, back when the inaugural edition had failed to produce a winner due to inactivity and undermoderation. Now that a restart of the first ever RKWC has succesfully been completed this team serves more as a backup, in case things go wrong again in future editions. - RoyalManiac edit, September 2019

Original opening text, March 2019:

We finally want a RK championship
If u want to help us do it by joining
We discuss about it in the forums
Location: racing kings on


Any progress?RoyalManiac •

Just so you all know the time plan: I'm currently busy messaging people for advice or to ask them to join the tournament staff. All the small things like time control should be decided on next week.

Any progress?HeavyWeaponsIdiot •

I can't seem to do well in the Round Robin setup. I'm going to go along with the Double Elimination method. GL guys, and welcome back @Babosos!

Any progress?RoyalManiac •

You can still draw arrows on the board or show the game chat if other players are commenting (just tell us what matches you will be streaming and there will probably be someone happy to type something

Any progress?RacingKingsKing •

I dont speak English that great so i just stream without speaking

Any progress?RoyalManiac •

Haha you and RKK commenting together would be great! I'm 14 myself but I don't stream currently (will maybe start doing so later this year). Following the plan of #10 I messaged tipau and he agreed

Any progress?TheYuriy •

it would not be a problem if the matches are on weekends (but take in consideration that im 15 and have almost no experience on streaming) (tho if i made a team with @RacingKingsKing would be good (li

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