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Fans of the mysterious chess player "honey0" TEAM

This is a place for fans of honey0 to meet and talk about this mysterious and fascinating player; an oasis where e-coffee may be drunk as members discuss how honey0 changed their lives for the better...
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  1. anti nazi everywhere honey0

    i dislike nazi's everywhere not only for their hateful atrocities but also for disgracing the ancient sun symbol and relentlessly trying to kill what hath been created!! How about some chess!

  2. chess essiah honey0

    i a female retired hacker and i examined religion and i FOUND something out there LIGHT team LIGHT. A divine good whois spirit has been coming back through man, speaking. infinity has eyes of the

  3. retired Toutatis

    Awesome! We love Honey0 x

  4. retired honey0

  5. not a robot honey0

    war against the machines ( the bots!)

  6. honey0 NewAlperensnak

    honey is robotttt!!!!!!!!

  7. Welcome Toutatis

    The many things that may not be known by those who do not join...

  8. Welcome SHAKESPEARGeeK

    Know what?

  9. Questions for honey0 Toutatis

    @honey0, I have a question: When did you begin playing chess, and what was your inspiration? Also, who is your favourite chess player of all time and why? Thanks in advance for answering...

  10. Welcome Toutatis

    Welcome to @dachessboxin, to @SHAKESPEARGeek and @sapien. Remember, only those who join may know, and only those who know may join...

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