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Only Elite players >2200+ in any category (puzzles & correspondence don't count) are welcome to join. You are allowed to join, if your peak rating was above 2200+ in the last 30 days. You can stay within the Elite team, if you fall below 2200 and come back to 2200 within 30 days.

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Elite team song by LNY TNZ & Da Tweekaz - We Go Up
"'Cause we're gonna be among the stars tonight
See, the only way is up
We go up
We're not comin' down witcha"
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Colegas' Rapid 10+1 Team Battle10+1 • Rapid • Rated • 10h200 teams battle
Lichess Mega Team Battle3+0 • Blitz • Rated • 2h200 teams battle
best titled arena Team Battle3+0 • Blitz • Rated • 12h156 teams battle
Lichess Ultrabullet Team Battle¼+0 • UltraBullet • Rated • 45m72 teams battle
Chess Lions Team Battle½+0 • Bullet • Casual • 1h6 teams battle


chat in general and 2200 elite.clemclar690 •

How do I chat? Want to say hi. But don't know how to send messages. I know. I'm elderly and a tech idiot!

Elite 2200+ in Lichess Mega Team Battle on 12.02.2021FM jeffforever •

Elite 2200+ joins Lichess Mega Team Battle with 200 teams on Friday 12th: Top 20 results count, have fun!

Golden Chess League with Elite 2200+ Start in 30 minFM jeffforever •

Corona Chess war team battle 19.4. with EliteAdivraz •

Go Elite!

Corona Chess war team battle 19.4. with EliteLedakov_Alexandr •

Sorry, is so bad. Now I am not played in this tournament

Corona Chess war team battle 19.4. with EliteFM jeffforever • Let's win this :) @pepellou @alimente @Andrey395 @Ledakov_Alexandr @Wilfredinho @Adivraz @PM93 @vova543 @speedpump @KonanderBarbar @Geniv

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