Crowborough Chess Club

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Tuesday 19th May at 5:00pm AntiChess
Tuesday 19th May at 6:30pm East Grinstead invite
Wednesday 20th May at 7:00pm Mid Sussex Swiss Blitz
Thursday 21st May at 7:00pm Sussex Team Battle
Friday 22nd May Club at 6:30pm Junior Rapid
Friday 22nd May at 7:30pm Club Senior Swiss
Saturday 23rd May at 4:00pm Worldwide Junior U16 Div B
Location: Crowborough, East Sussex, England


Worldwide Junior B Team Battle10+2 • Rapid • Rated • 2h10 teams battle
Crowborough Junior Arena10+5 • Rapid • Rated • 3hInner team
Sussex Challenge Team Battle10+5 • Rapid • Rated • 2h 30m9 teams battle
Crowborough Anti Tuesday Arena5+3 • Antichess • Rated • 1hInner team
Worldwide Junior B Team Battle10+2 • Rapid • Rated • 2h10 teams battle


Knock Out Blitz (KOB) CompetitionCrowChess •

I played the perfect game; CrowChess 0 OK Moves 0 Good Moves 0 Excellent Moves 0 Average centipawn gain Good luck Palitha in the final - well played I had no

Knock Out Blitz (KOB) CompetitionGrisenj •

David Fryer (CrowChess) plays Palitha in the second semi-final at 7 pm on Monday 20 April. 10 minutes per player plus 5 seconds per move. Crowborough Chess Club members are invited to tune in and w

Junior International Team BattleCrowChess •

Following the success of the 1st Worldwide Junior Battle played last Saturday the 2nd one is being played on Saturday 18th April at 4:00pm This is for jun

Friday Night TournamentCrowChess •

Friday 17th April 2020 6:30pm Adults join in at 7:30pm Start of Series 2 Tournaments Join Zoom Meeting to chat

Friday Night TournamentCrowChess •

Join Password CCC We are not using Discord tonight to chat instead please join me in a Zoom Meeting Join Zoom Meeting Mee

Junior International Team BattleCrowChess •

1 SELECCION INMACULADA PERU 2 Tatanzak Killer Bees ITALY 3 Monte Grande CROATIA 4 Crowborough Chess Club ENGLAND 5 ESAN Selección

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