COVID 19 is bad

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✨we have jokes and riddles!!✨
What you can get for 10 points (the leader board will be in the forum)
1. Advertise your team
2. I make a team message asking follows for you and I will follow also
3. Play a game with the creator of covid 19 is bad
What you can get for 20 points
1. Me helping your team for a week
2. Get jokes and riddles in private for a whole week
3. Get a membership for 1 week
What you can get for 30pt
1. Membership for 2 weeks
2. Get jokes and riddles private for 2 weeks
3. Advertise your team and get help for your team plus a message for follows
What you can get for 40 points
1. A membership for 1 month
2. Any team message you want (no bad things)
3. Make me join your team
What you can get for 50 points
1. membership for 3 months
2.Riddles and jokes private for a whole 2 weeks
3. any message you want plus advertise and message for followers and me asking 10 people to join your team and for them to follow you
Membership is jokes and riddles 5 days
Advertise each month
Any message each month
Ask for follows each month
And help there team for a day
And get a membership forever is bring 20 players
How to earn points
First in tour 5 pt 2nd 3pt 3rd 2pt
Simul win 5pt lose 1pt draw 3 pt
Bring 10 members 20
20 members 50pt
And 50 members 50pt
Help my team 15pt
Join this team
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Covid 19 is badhydrak410 •

Last year 2019 dec 1st nytimes: "New infectious disease from China"

Covid 19 is badBSILawrence •

but covid 21 is coming......

Covid 19 is badFishNotADish2 •

But covid 20 is worse ;)

Covid is dumbangic799 •

No That is not good No I want Covid -19 to end by the crona shot

Covid is dumbZumaStriker1010 •

Here you can say anything that you hate about Covid-19! Curse it!

More playersZumaStriker1010 •

I was in the first five

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