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Classical Chess Sparring Club TEAM

For players who want to play classical chess for improvement, organize and play sparring games against elite players with the peace of mind that they will most likely not be computers (I check profiles beforehand). A place for analysis, chess discussion, and advice. The goal is to create a community of players who are dedicated to improving their chess, not their rating. Will generally be restricted to more elite players (classical > 2000) .
Location: Magnus Carlsen's Basement

Forum (17)

  1. looking for english opening opponents zenpath

    I play the hedgehog with white, so I can be your sparring partner.

  2. looking for english opening opponents drunkingreatness

    I'm trying to learn the hedgehog against the english and would like to play some sparring matches before a tournament in 2 weeks. Any english defense players up for a match?

  3. Switching from Nimzo-Indian to Catalan JiangoFett

    Anybody know a line for white that doesn't draw "by force" (essentially any line that has <60% draw rate I suppose) after 4. Qc2 d5? I know Mamedyarov did this at Tata, but most of the lines I'm seein

  4. Classical games? JiangoFett

    Lol, well this is late, but can anyone play a game with me either this Thursday evening or Friday evening? Preparing for a tournament. If so pls message thx.

  5. Classical games? NM Mistystar

    Is anyone interested in playing some classical games with me on Saturday, 09/23? We can maybe work a time out.

  6. In search of sparring partner MMichael

    Hi, I can play with you after the weekend. I've also been playing/studying Sicilian lately, Najdorf and Sveshnikov mostly.

  7. In search of sparring partner Journey_to_NM

    Hello, I have recently been learning the Sicillian Defense and would like a partner to practice with for both the white and black side. If you are interested please message me. Thanks!

  8. Anybody up for some games? JiangoFett

    Yea, I really need a legit sparring partner for long time controls. Lichess is starting to become like with the ridiculous amount of cheaters in the classical category =(

  9. 4...b6?! A strong surprise weapon in the Nimzo Indian JiangoFett

    I was referring to 4...b6 after 4. Qc2, which is far more surprising than after Nf3, but nonetheless, a great game by Carlsen. I'll add you!

  10. 4...b6?! A strong surprise weapon in the Nimzo Indian NM self_service

    The opening received some recognition when it was used by Carlsen to defeat Yu Yangyi in 16 moves at the Qatar Masters (blitz). As a Nimzo pl

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