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  1. A lesson from 2500s mistakes. seanysean

    @Francesco_Super Thank you very much! :)

  2. A lesson from 2500s mistakes. Francesco_Super

    @seanysean It's a very nice video and a useful analysis, Sean :)

  3. A lesson from 2500s mistakes. seanysean

    Not a advanced video by any stretch. Probably helpful for <1800 lichess rated players.

  4. Playing's hardest free computer seanysean

    It's kind of aggressive, but, I did manage to at least give the computer some competition. But that doesn't mean I won. Eh, why don't you watch the video to find out what happened ;) https://youtu.

  5. K+Q vs. K + Blitz chess #18 seanysean


  6. Two more chess variants! seanysean


  7. Blitz Chess Game #15 English Opening: King's English Variation, 2 Knights Variation seanysean


  8. [Video]Blitz Chess game #14! seanysean

    Video: Hope you enjoy!

  9. How to checkmate with a king + 2 bishops. seanysean

    Hope you enjoy!

  10. How to use's practice with the computer feature seanysean Enjoy!

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