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ChessUnderdogs TEAM

Hello everyone, this team is only for underrated chess players ( mostly U1500) that looking for a way to improve their games and to get inspired from playing, sharing and study their games where they beat highly rated players.

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  1. email address needed please ! G-M

  2. email address needed please ! Radioactive7

  3. email address needed please ! kazamaza

    Please all members need to give their email address to register them in the tournament at the website posted in the previous forum post thank you .

  4. Classical Tournament Kriptonytei Guys check this out. All your future wins will be recorded here. This is a nice website for creating the tournament of our wish. Cheers, all !!!!

  5. Classical Tournament Kriptonytei

    Yes. This tournament won't be concluded within a day. I know every one of you is busy with your daily life so I have decided to create matches between the players according to their wishes. Also, it s

  6. Live stream kazamaza

    we will be live streaming the event and matches and uploading them to youtube to share your games with the world , the idea behind this is to inspire as many underrated chess players out there to impr

  7. Hello brothers and sisters. 🔑The Tournament Outline 🔑 Kriptonytei

    I discussed with my friend and it's going to be purely classical with 30+0 time limit. Are you guys fine with this. ? Please post your comments below

  8. Hello brothers and sisters. 🔑The Tournament Outline 🔑 Kriptonytei Here is an outline of the tournament that we are about to conduct. There is no money involved in this tournament and is pure

  9. Classical Tournament kazamaza

    the tournament won't be in one single day, we will reassign the matches according to the best time for both players to be able to play freely hence there is no pressure at all

  10. Classical Tournament Carschi

    This tournament is a nice idea, although I am not shure if I have enough time to spent for a whole tournament.

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