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11 members

ChessPlayers2017 TEAM

This team is for players who love chess too much:)
Location: World

Forum (13)

  1. Study Francesco_Super

    Hello everyone! I hope you are all enjoying ;) Pls take a look at my study which analysis a chess trap in the Ruy Lopez opening :)) It alr

  2. Time Elements4

    Ok2 30 pm Europe..?

  3. Hi thanks for having me here ... Elements4

    Excuse if I allow myself to say that probably this team should have a different and better and more creative name? I had some ideas.. Everyone could bring their idea

  4. Welcome everyone Francesco_Super

    Thanks for joining the group, everyone! You are all welcome! :)))

  5. Welcome HPisti Francesco_Super

    Hello HPisti! Welcome to our group!!

  6. Tournament 20.042017 Luciano_the_best

    Can we do it at 9 PM (CET) because at 6 PM I can't? :)))))

  7. Tournament 20.042017 White_Queen_1990

    Hello! Who will play tournament tomorrow? Could you tell the time when it will be comfortable for you? ^))) 6 PM (Central European Time) is good for me :))) What about you?

  8. Tournament 13.04.2017 Francesco_Super

    Is it ok at 3 PM Central European time? :))) If we can, we can play the tournament before :D

  9. Tournament 13.04.2017 White_Queen_1990

    Could you tell me the time?

  10. Tournament 13.04.2017 Francesco_Super

    Me too :)))))

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