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Chess960 Championships TEAM

We should organize chess960 championships! More info will be put in the forum after we reach 25 Supporters. Join!
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  1. Chess960 Championships forum thechessguy2_0

    hi lichess

  2. Plan katastrofeas

    me too

  3. Plan DubiousChess

    I'm in

  4. Plan LM mysterious_expert

    I will join too

  5. Plan Minnesotablizzard

    I would.

  6. Plan LM mysterious_expert

    So I think the top 3 rated players get entrance to when the top 10 players will battle it out. So here is my plan: we start by making a few special tournaments, those who win get free entrance to when

  7. Chess960 Championships forum lichess

    Welcome to the Chess960 Championships forum! Only members of the team can post here, but everybody can read.

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