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All levels are welcome, let's try to build a teaching ladder, where stronger players help weaker ones because everybody can teach something and learn something else from others.

Simuls, arena tournaments, thematic tournaments, shared knowledge through Forums, and whatever it helps to build community positive & eager to improve their chess.

Please introduce yourself here:

Offers & requests:

We play 2 tournaments a week. We open several tournaments and discard the ones with less participants. At the end of the tournaments we do review few games all together.

Weekend Rapid tournament (usually on Sundays)
Thematic Rapid tournament (openings or endings positions to practice, we provide some insight during the week)

Basic ideas on Italian game for White and Black

Checkmate exercises with useful patterns

Typical pawn structures to help you make good plans

Classical annotated games with Dutch Defense
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Gheorghiu10+5 • Rapid • Casual3 rounds swiss
Matveeva10+5 • Rapid • Rated3 rounds swiss
Krejcik10+5 • Rapid • Casual4 rounds swiss
von Bardeleben10+5 • Rapid • Casual4 rounds swiss
SCOTCH Thursday10+5 • Rapid • Casual3 rounds swiss


Offers and requests (2)dipblu •

At the moment I have not much time for chess, I do hope to become gradually more active. I AM OFFERING: - To play our weekly rapid tournament (currently Sundays at 19h CET time) - Casual blitz/ra

Welcome! please introduce yourself (3)dipblu •

My name is Dip and been playing OTB chess rather seriously in my teens with ELO moving around 2000-2100 until I gave up when I started studying in the University. Almost didn't play for about +20 yea

Offers and requests (2)dipblu •

Follow up of Post here if you are looking for chess partner, need some help with specific subject or are willing to offer yo

Welcome! please introduce yourself (3)dipblu •

Follow up of that it's archived

Dutch studyMGGM1200 •

Hi all, if you are going through the Dutch study from @dipblu then this might be an interesting game to look at in relation to the first Botvinnik game there: http

Welcome! please introduce yourself (2)Freehotwingz •

I'm Dominic but You can call me Freehotwingz or Free. I was invited here by Blindfoldednewbie and I've been playing casually for 10 years. I'm in school now so I don't play as much. Nobody ever cares

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