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45 members

Chess Cafe TEAM

This is a team for people who joined this discord: Have fun!
Location: Discord

Forum (72)

  1. New discord LM mysterious_expert

    Chess bakery:

  2. Our private arenas LM mysterious_expert

    starting in half an hour!

  3. Our private arenas LM mysterious_expert

    sure! EDIT: Guys sorry, it's actually T-Rex with a space afterwards

  4. Our private arenas ChEsSmAgEdDoN

    Hey @mysterious_expert could we maybe for future ones just put it one hour later? That way I would be able to wake up just in time! Thanks.

  5. Our private arenas LM mysterious_expert

    1 day till start! Let me know if you want to change something for our tourneys

  6. Our private arenas LM mysterious_expert Password is T-Rex. Have fun!

  7. Our private arenas LM mysterious_expert

    The next one will be on saturday, blitz, 5 PM GMT. Vote for the time control here:

  8. Variant Cup LM mysterious_expert

    8 participants for now for the chess960 cup! @pawnintraining are you gonna play?

  9. Variant Cup WildTricks

    I join also :)

  10. Variant Cup LM mysterious_expert

    ok sure

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