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Public shaming is tolerated in this team.

Reporting here is ineffective. There are no moderators in the team.

To report a cheater and get a moderator to review it, use the report form on, or click the report button on a player's profile page.
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  1. I think I played against an engine :( sjdjhn

    ha cheater was caught instant karma!

  2. Engine abuser? what do you guys think sjdjhn

    This is something we must do... for if we don't the world will be destroyed by these cheaters and we might as well burn every chess board, rook, and knight in existence because no one likes to play an

  3. New ones? Shiwen

    thanks for the tip!

  4. new one DrJinbop

    and closed

  5. Research for the 5 cheater accounts Zefista

    Ninja4Hanzo is cheater

  6. New ones? achja

    @CapitanPg #7 Interesting idea. Thanks for the hint.

  7. New ones? CapitanPg

    Oh, all right I couldn't see hs account cos it is closed. Also he is a tip for all of you: when reporting a cheater or something look at who is he following or who are his followers because one time

  8. Research for the 5 cheater accounts CapitanPg

    No I do not think so because I have got used to all this cheaters

  9. Research for the 5 cheater accounts Lucia243

    It is also likely that he just sought attention here on the forums

  10. new one pranav15

    Hes marked. Good job