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Canadian Players TEAM

Play chess and make new chess friends In Canada!
Location: Canada

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  1. hello peps in canada ChessNetwork2

    hi, im from BC, Vancouver, Canada cfc is 1673

  2. hey to all Amator2020

    hey to all i am iranian . i love canadian people.i want join to your team if you Allow me.

  3. Lichess olympiad team Canada!! Googleplayer45678

    Hay! All my Canadian mates Go here and register to play for team Canada!!! You can join master or U2000 section. We shou

  4. QGD or slav defense? Sami13P

    i have seen many players use QGD, but i also always here others screaming about the benefits of Slav. I myself am i QGD player, but i was wondering if someone could help me decide which i should use.

  5. 🍁 Canadian Patrons for 🍁 gatorvalle

    If you find that you play and utilise this great site, maybe you should think about donating $5.00 a month to keep the server up and maintained. Also, please add me to your follow list of friends t

  6. New player (me) mathematico

    Hello, I am from Québec, I just joined the team. Looking foward to meeting you all !

  7. West Coast players from Canada? max_zorn

    Hi gatorvalle, does Kelowna count? max

  8. West Coast players from Canada? gatorvalle

    Was wondering how many players here on Lichess are from the west coast? And if there are some, add me and my friends OlEnglish and gatorvalle and dezzer99 to play us.

  9. Hello everyone! Jinnka

    I am K-W based, and active generally between 2-10pm during my shift. I have it running in the background as I have quite a bit of downtime. Nice to meet everyone!

  10. Place ZachTing

    I live in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada

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