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22 members

cacarroto TEAM

todos pueden unir
everyone can join
아무나 들어올수 있습니다.
Location: international

Forum (6)

  1. congraturation "cacarroto" yuchaggron

    finaly....... our team have more than 50,000 point of tournament!!!!!! thank you everyone!!!!!!! cacarroto will try more and more to have more than 100 members...... if you can, please invite othe

  2. welcome yuchaggron

    Texas.United State

  3. welcome bengski68

    Yucha: when you say Sunday 17:00, which timezone is that?

  4. thankyou yuchaggron

    Thankyou for joining my team......... if you can please invite other people..... Grazie per stare nella mia squadra... Se vuoi puoi inviatare altre persone... Gracias por estar en mi equipo...

  5. welcome yuchaggron

    welcome to cacarroto Forum. We will play chess tournament "cacarroto arena "every sunday 17:PM Thank you for join my forum, and if liked my forum, please do like "play better x 100"........

  6. cacarroto forum lichess

    Welcome to the cacarroto forum! Only members of the team can post here, but everybody can read.

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