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13 members

Brotherhood of Metal TEAM

Anyone can join. Don't worry, you can still play chess.
Location: Iron Boulevard, Music City

Forum (112)

  1. England is my city (MEME) Dino960

  2. Interesting site that reviews Metal bands' music Dino960

  3. Recommended YT channel :) Dino960

    @fjachess thanks for posting :)

  4. Retro Disco Songs Dino960

    There is a song I would consider retro that I also like. It is by Duran Duran and its called Hungry Like The Wolf.

  5. Recommended YT channel :) fjachess I thought (as a Non-metalhead) his metal compilation videos were awesome ... Quite funny

  6. Retro Disco Songs BobbyTactics

    Anyone also into Reto / Disco songs?

  7. What are your favorite games (besides chess) Gymhgy

    Sadly, UT 2004 is no longer compatible with Windows 10. But I'm waiting for UT 4!

  8. What are your favorite games (besides chess) Dino960

    @LFC_08_isaiah I forgot about UT, thats also on my list, I like every version (along with Unreal 1-2) and Unreal 1999 along with 2004 are also some of my favorites.

  9. What are your favorite games (besides chess) LFC_08_isaiah

    Super smash bros aslo and marioa cart

  10. What are your favorite games (besides chess) LFC_08_isaiah

    FIFA ,Madden, 2K, Overwatch, soccer outside

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