Board Brothers

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(1) In the first stage, when you learn to play chess, you only care about winning games. You only care about the board.

Then, with time and experience, you realise that both winning and enjoying chess depends upon your opponents participation.

(2) In the second stage, this understanding blossoms into a feeling of gratitude towards your opponent. When two men share a chess board, they establish an eternal golden braid.

You appreciate that your opponent is your brother. Your board brother.

This bond cannot be broken, regardless of what life may bring. A person will always stay loyal to his board brother.

(3) In the final stage, you realize that above even your own needs or your board brothers needs, the transcendent concept of brotherhood itself is the most important thing.

A board brother is always willing to give his life for the sake of the board brotherhood.

Firstly, you value the board. Second, you value your board brother. Thirdly, you value brotherhood.


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