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BehaardTheBonobo Fan Club TEAM

Who is BehaardTheBonobo? Ultrabullet wizard?
Location: Lichess

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  1. Who is BehaardTheBonobo (or BehaaardtheBonobo). Kaptain_Grunbeld

    The threat is stronger than the execution. Who is BehaardTheBonobo (or BehaaardtheBonobo) ? Click on this two following links to have an idea. https://lic

  2. BehaardTheBonobo Fan Club forum BobbyPhisher

    He is too weak to play longer time controls, therefore 1/4...

  3. BehaardTheBonobo Fan Club forum lichess

    Welcome to the BehaardTheBonobo Fan Club forum! Only members of the team can post here, but everybody can read.

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