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The team for training important lines of Atomic chess. Please read the thematic tournament rules in the pinned forum post before requesting to join the team:


Test Atomic Team Battle1+0 • Atomic • Rated • 1h2 teams battle
Atomic Nf3 f6 Nc3 c6 e3 e6 Bd3 Arena3+2 • Atomic • Casual • 1h 30mInner team


Suggestions & general discussionGranach •

I have a suggestion: 1. Nf3 e5 2. Ng5 f5 3. d4 e4 4. e3 It probably is some old theory and so i am not sure if it has been analysed "to death" - i started with Sf3-Openings for white and for me as

The 1st thematic tournamentWolfram_EP •

There were no objections on the opening I've suggested for the first tournament or other suggestions so let it be: 1. Nf3 f6 2. Nc3 c6 3. e3 e6 4. Bd3 The tournament:

Suggestions & general discussionWolfram_EP •

For the first tournament I suggest to play the following line: 1. Nf3 f6 2. Nc3 c6 3. e3 e6 4. Bd3 Here are my considerations. The theory knowledge in Two Knights Opening gets increasingly more po

Suggestions & general discussionWolfram_EP •

This is a thread for discussing concrete opening suggestions and tournament format. It is recommended to first suggest openings here and not create a tournament for an opening you like at once.

Thematic tournaments ruleslishadowapps •

I think lines that are so long that they don't fit into the title are already too specific and won't interest that many people. We should better discuss core opening positions at most 3 - 4 moves away

Thematic tournaments rulesWolfram_EP •

I thought about the idea of doing this thing with titles, but I'm not sure something like "Thematic 1. Nf3 f6 2. e3 e6 3. Nd4 c6 4. Nb5 cb 5. Qh5 g6 6. Qb5 Nc6 7. Qb6 Kf7 Atomic Blitz Arena" fits into

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