🔥Atomic Kings of Lichess🔥


This team is closed

Hello! Welcome to the team!! Thank you for joining :) This is for everyone who likes Atomic variant. I'll try to create Atomic tournaments as far as possible, Have Fun!!!

Note that-

~ You subscribe to the team messages so that you will be notified when there will be team
~ Join in the tourneys, if possible for you.
~ Do not ask for leadership, I'll surely tell you if I'll need.
~ Respect other players, no insulting in the team chat. Offensive behaviour will not be tolerated!
~ If you have any suggestions for the team, feel free to tell me
~ (If possible for you) Help to our team in any possible ways :)

Team tournaments will take place every Saturday and Sunday at 3.30 pm IST.

The time control will be 1/2 rated/casual. You can tell me which time control is suitable for you and I'll think of changing it. I'll create more and more tourneys soon, but not now.
To add us in any team battles, contact me

Date of Formation --> April 16th, 2021.
Special thanks to Eyvazova_2009 for the logos!