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Atomic Chess League TEAM

On Lichess, rating is not always a reliable way of determining a player's strength. Sometimes a player's rating will be above his playing strength, and sometimes below.

The Atomic Chess League is an attempt to create an accurate rating system by pairing players with similar ratings against each other, instead of high rated players against low rated players.

It is divided into 5 leagues:

1. Beginner: < 1500 Atomic Rating
2. Intermediate: 1500 - 1750 Atomic Rating
3. Advanced: 1750 - 2000 Atomic Rating
4. Expert: 2000 - 2200 Atomic Rating
5. Elite: > 2200 Atomic Rating

Please note that the ratings above are only used for the initial assignment to a league. Also, it's not your current rating that counts, but the average rating over 30 days.

By playing games against other players, you can advance through the leagues and get a better ranking! Find out more about how this works in the "Instructions" post.

Don't know how to play atomic but want to join? Send me a private message and I will explain to you the basics of Atomic Chess, and then add you to the Beginner's league.

Official Start: May 13
Location: Lichess

Forum (38)

  1. The Leagues AcademicNinja99

    Here are the members of this team, and the leagues they belong to, along with their current scores (a blank means the base score for the league position): Beginner (0 points base score): GBA87 -

  2. Announcements AcademicNinja99

    We have a new Atomic Chess League Endurance 6h tournament! If you want to participate send me a private message asking for the password!

  3. Announcements AcademicNinja99

    We have a new feature! From now on, every Saturday starting at 9 AM GMT we will have a 6h tournament called the Atomic Endurance! A 6h hour tournament can only be made if it is private, so if you a

  4. Announcements The-Sparrow

    We have a special Atomic Chess League tournament, the Atomic Endurance! It is a private 6 hour tournament, use the password "atomic-endurance" to enter. Prizes

  5. Tournament Results AcademicNinja99

    May 23, 7:17 PM tournament AcademicNinja99: -0.25 grswish: 0 JaakkoT: 0 savagechess2k: +0.25 Samurai_Sri_Lanka: 0 Link: Please feel free to check my calcul

  6. Announcements AcademicNinja99

    Starting on May 23rd, because of my present inactivity on Lichess due to school work, @ProgramFox will be making some of the League tournaments, specifically those during the weekdays. I declare any t

  7. Announcements AcademicNinja99

    Here I will post any important announcements I make.

  8. Direct Challenges AcademicNinja99

    @ProgramFox has played 17 games against @AcademicNinja99, with a score of 16-1, gaining 2 points!

  9. Direct Challenges AcademicNinja99

    Here I will report direct challenges between team members. Please don't report here, if you want to report games please send me a private message!

  10. Tournament Results AcademicNinja99

    The latest scoring rules in the Instructions forum do not apply to this tournament, because they have been drafted after the tournament. May 15, 6:31 PM Tournament AcademicNinja99: +5 Risky-che

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