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The players with titles in the Federation are:

1.Antichess Lichess Master(ALM)(only for title volunteers )
2.Antichess woman candidate master (AWCM) = Only for women with a rating between 1900 and 1999 (players to have a woman's name in profile and the country's flag)
3.Antichess Candidate Master(ACM)= Players with maximum rating between (2000 -2299)
4.Antichess Master (AM)if you ever had a rating of (2300-2399)
5. Antichess International Master(AIM) if you ever had a rating of( 2400-2499)
6.Antichess Grand Master(AGM) if you ever had a rating of 2500 and above
7.Antichess Super Grand Master(ASGM)(the best antichess players in the world)

The titles are recognized by the whole antichess community, the maximum grade ever obtained is official, as well as the norm obtained.

For each 2300, 2400, 2500 and 2600 performance you get Master, International Master, Grand Master and Super GM standards. A player with 4 NORM will climb a hierarchical level.

AWCM women can become ACM if they reach the rating of 2000 or obtain 4 NORM of ACM (perf 2000+)
Starting with 03.03.2021to obtain a higher degree you need 4 Norm ofACM(in the case of women), AM, AIM, AGM, ASGM
Starting with 09.03.2024 to obtain norms you need the performance of 2300 for AM, 2400 for AIM, 2500 for AGM and 2600 for ASGM
The norms obtained until this date are valid
The conditions for obtaining the NORM there are at least 13 games, regardless of location

New accounts will be able to receive title only after 1000 rated antichess games. If the best rating obtained is with high rating deviation, player will need to send a game link as proof, he also had simillar rating with low rating deviation to apply for title.

The link where you can declare the 4 norms


20 patron wings Arena0+2 • Antichess • Rated • 1h 40mInner team
Antichess Titled July 2024 Arena0+2 • Antichess • Rated • 3hInner team
Antichess Titled June 2024 Arena0+2 • Antichess • Rated • 3hInner team
Antichess Titled May 2024 Arena1.5+0 • Antichess • Rated • 3hInner team
Elite Antichess Arena1.5+0 • Antichess • Rated • 3hInner team