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Antichess Akademy V2 TEAM

I will be adding studies once enough members have joined.

There will be 1 important change in new akademy

i will still add 5 classes but those classes will include pure theory and games by other players analyzed and commented

the new section i will add will be divided into 20 catagories, each will cover 1 opening only. You could say i will try to create opening encyclopedia but include all traps and strong theory.

a person is only allowed to pick 1 opening though, lets say you like G3, then you get invited to all g3 updates etc :)

Antichess theorists and opening experts who can help, will be highly appreciated.
Location: Antiverse

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  1. StayAli

  2. New Opening StayAli

    A4.A3 very strong opening in white

  3. Antichess Akademy V2 forum lichess

    Welcome to the Antichess Akademy V2 forum! Only members of the team can post here, but everybody can read.

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