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Antichess Akademy TEAM

Antichess Study Group. If you are eager to learn and improve in this variant, then Join us.

Thanks to lichess" new study feature. learning and lecturing has become a whole lot easier!

Students and Teachers are welcome. Thanks
Location: Antiverse

Forum (122)

  1. please ondrasek

    Go to the antichess akademy v2

  2. Where is III8III? God-Slayer

    Read the intro here

  3. Where is III8III? ondrasek

    When is the next study

  4. Where is III8III? Indomega1K

    hmmm... good question idk u cant i guess

  5. Where is III8III? cat_person

    But who can add people to the old studies, may I ask?

  6. Where is III8III? Indomega1K


  7. Where is III8III? Indomega1K

    his new name is GodSlayer

  8. Where is III8III? cat_person

    He/she seems to have left... Seriously he/she is welcome here..:-)

  9. interesting game (maybe) whosyourdaddy3

    ok thanks hahaha, with "maybe" I just meant that it could have been interesting just for someone

  10. master11235 III8III

    i invited you to the studies, just play out the games and you will arrows and comments.

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