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13 members

Analisis and Matches with Nazar! TEAM

I am Nazar- A man who wants to succeed in chess. Attach to my group that together with me will be perfected in chess. All participants of the group will be able to watch my secret analyzes. There will also be a topic where people can get bogged down about matches or by practicing in one or another position.
- Regards Nazar
Location: The World

Forum (16)

  1. Matches talks Francesco_Super

    @Nazar1005 I would be happy to play with you Nazar! :)

  2. Analisis and Studys fjachess

    That's his stile, I guess...

  3. Analisis and Studys Nazar1005


  4. Analisis and Studys fjachess A nice game of Blitz chess

  5. Analisis and Studys Nazar1005

    I am going to Learn the Sozin-Fisher Attack in Sicilian It will be private study but you can send here and I will add you to my study!

  6. Analisis and Studys Nazar1005

    Here I or you can analis some games or do studys!

  7. Analisis and Matches with Nazar! forum fjachess

    Also this one, with only 1 inacurracy:

  8. Analisis and Matches with Nazar! forum fjachess

    I will leave this here :

  9. Analisis and Matches with Nazar! forum Francesco_Super

    Hello Nazar! Nice idea! :)

  10. Analisis and Matches with Nazar! forum Luciano_the_best

    Hi Nazar! Thanks for accepting me!

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