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Italia Scacchi Questo gruppo nasce con l'idea di mettere in contatto i giocatori italiani!!

1,262 members

Lichess4545 League Lichess team for 4545 League. Register at for more info on Team League, Lonewolf3030 and more! All communication is done through slack at Slack invites will be s…

1,163 members

Pistoiascacchi - SCACCHI ITALIA Gruppo del Canale Youtube Pistoiascacchi - SCACCHI ITALIA daviddol

1,138 members

The Classics We're the Classics! We enjoy playing games on classical time control, typically 20+20 or more. Join us if you wish to experience the beauty of chess with others who take their time to play creative, b…

1,098 members

España Único requisito es haber nacido en España.

908 members

GM penguingim1 fan club Join if you like him. We will try to make this group have lots of points. But we also need lots of players. Anybody can join. We really want you to! IM penguingim1 is one of the best chess players. T…

869 members

Atomic Chess Theoreticians A team to discuss Atomic Chess theory.

855 members

Persian Gulf The Persian Gulf | خلیج همیشه فارس

836 members

Ukraine Команда об'єднує шахістів з України та дружніх республік.

827 members

Reddit We are the redditors ! Check out

805 members

European C960 League (prizes for winners) *** Lichess European Chess960 League *** Current Open Event: Fischer Madness Marathon (Total 960 hours) Rewards: Marathon survivors who collects at least 2,000 points will receive the followi…

768 members

Шахматный Феникс Сообщество для участников группы ВК "Шахматный Феникс". Добро пожаловать! Группа ВКонтакте - YouTube - Одноклассники - http://…

766 members

Polscy szachiści łączmy się ! Z tej strony MarianczelloDominoni - autor szachowego blogu na portalu YouTube. Tworzę tą grupę z myślą o zintegrowaniu jak największej liczby wszystkich fanów królewskiej gry, w szczególności jednak d…

746 members

Deutschsprachige Alle deutschsprachigen Spieler sind herzlich eingeladen!

736 members

Crestbook Chess Club Chess club of site

720 members