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A team mainly for adult improvers.
Serious younger players may also join, on probation.
If you’re under 16, Lichess "Terms of Service" state that "you can only use Lichess with kid mode permanently enabled or with parental/guardian supervision and consent".
The same applies to this team's associated Discord, should you choose to join it.

Members can join and simply view activity or contribute with their experiences and points of views.

Diversity of ability is welcome but courtesy, an open mind and a willingness to help others are requirements.

Condescending behaviour, narcissism, arrogance, passive-aggressive comments, etc. are not welcome and will not be tolerated.
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Sutovsky Arena5+0 • Blitz • Rated • 45mInner team
AdultImprovers1Standard1010+0 • Rapid • Rated1 rounds swiss


Hello Adult Improvers!gokuba •

Yoir quoting a chess com article on lichess

Hello Adult Improvers!NM HanSchut •

I just wrote a blog that was inspired by a comment by @PixelatedParcel on how difficult is to acquire new skills and break bad habits despite rigorous training. I am interested in hearing your feedb

Andras Toth: Problems with the London ?dbisth •

@PixelatedParcel your reply just bought flashes of an old memory. Mom, dad, my 2 younger brothers and I had got into a habit of playing carrom every night post-dinner and the game used to go on til

Andras Toth: Problems with the London ?PixelatedParcel •

@Ru_Pe and @dbisth I am a big fan of Toth and I think serious players should heed his wise and experienced counsel. But having said this, I think the vast - and silent - majority of people who

Andras Toth: Problems with the London ?dbisth •

In simple language what he tries to impress upon everyone is that every improving chess player should go through a lot of experimentation in his early years of training where he will have to spend tim

Andras Toth: Problems with the London ?Ru_Pe •

Since my teens I have invested a lot of time into opening study, probably too much time. I suppose I would be a far better player if I had chosen the London System and asked someone to teach endgames

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