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Active Beginners. TEAM

"Assembling Chess Tournaments Inviting Virtually Everyone Beginners Encouraging Growth In Numerous Nations Exercising Rigorous Strategy".

Looking to start a team of active beginner players who are looking to improve their game.
As the team grows we are going to try and start having scheduled custom tournaments.
U1300 tournaments, but depending on our members; we can also have higher/lower rating tournaments. This will be great for lower rating players who arent ready for u1500 yet.
Location: Canada

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  1. U1300 Bullet henryliu2009


  2. U1300 Bullet Bobkingmen3

    I will be hosting a U1300 tournament everyday at around 20UTC.

  3. Active Beginners. forum lichess

    Welcome to the Active Beginners. forum! Only members of the team can post here, but everybody can read.

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