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90/30 Tournament #2 TEAM

******Signups are closed******

There is now a rapid championship if you prefer faster games, just join:

Available Titles:
First Place - CM (Classical Master)

Actual event: Round 1

Rounds: 11
Pairings: RR
Tiebreaker: 4 Rapid 15/10 Games and then 10 Blitz (vote for either: 3/2 or 5/0)
Start: 13/10/14

Top Standings so far:




This is the group for the 90/30 Tournament #2. If you enjoy slow chess, come join! Likely, the tournament will be 3-7 weeks. The tournament's start will be notified - a few weeks will be given. Parings will be posted (at or before the start of each round), and each person will be expected to provide 2 available times (at least) to offer to play the game. Links to the negotiation forums may be provided, or if not participants may make one.

IMPORTANT: Entries close one day before the start day.

NOTE: This is a negotiated tournament, where times of the game are negotiated. Please put in AM and PM, and also time zone such as NYT.

For any other enquiries, you may message Tournaments.

Thanks, hope you enjoy.

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  1. LOL LM AdmiralA

    1. Ah, that is indeed my mistake then. I must thank you for adding to what little Russian I know. Perhaps in a few years we might talk as friends in a language that is more comfortable to you, but unf


    I will be banned anyway so I don't care. It takes me less than a minute to change my IP and create a new profile))) LOL 1. You're so stupid. I didn't call Hasimir cockroach. cockroach=TapakaH41k,

  3. LOL Tournaments

    I have a reason my R2 and R3 opponents forfeited their games. C_B, was randomly insulting and accusing people of cheating. And, my R3 opponent sent me a message 3hrs after the time, not 1/2hrs. Anyway

  4. LOL LM AdmiralA

    Notorious troll is notorious. I see no measure to which Tournaments is afraid of losing at all, considering, well, Tournaments has indeed lost before. He's going through pretty significant effort t

  5. LOL C_B

    TapakaH41k ROZOVIJ_YDAV - Сегодня в 01:08 Well, I left (I waited about 1 hour). When you sent the message it was too late to play, sorry. Even though you've forfeited this round, I'll probably

  6. Board 3, Round 3 Hasimir

    It's probably not that feasible, ah well, I guess I'll have to concede this round. Congratulations. :) [Yeah, I know, you'd rather actually win. Ces't la vie.]

  7. Board 1, Round 3 mietk

    Azuaga won the game which turned out to be a bit on the short side: Good game!

  8. Round 3 Training Games LM AdmiralA

    Does sometime after 1300-1400 UTC work for you? Saturday (November 1st) looks to be really busy for me but I think we can do Sunday, if I don't finish off my work sooner. Also, surprise surprise, K

  9. Round 3 Training Games DDA

    Hey, AdmiralA, when are you available? I have a pretty flexible schedule and I'd love to play a game with you with some discussion afterwards :)

  10. Board 3, Round 3 Enc

    I dont know if it's possibile, but if we can it's ok for me to delay the game.

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