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30 seconds + 0 time control TEAM

The team for people who like ½+0 time control on Lichess. It is very entertaining!
Here we will discuss new time control, organize half-minute tournaments, deliver ideas.
Have fun!
Location: Lichess planet

Forum (204)

  1. A team for those who would like to have ⅛+0 time control Chesstroll_Berserk Join our new team if you would like to play more berserked ultrabullet (⅛+0)!

  2. Great event! Magnus Carlsen played hyperbullet! Chesstroll_Berserk

  3. New clock for hyper and ultra bullets. Chesstroll_Berserk

    So the clock is ready! Thanks to @pkyue! Here is an example: This is a brighter version (the same as on the video):

  4. A team for those who feel frustrated when playing lagging opponents Chesstroll_Ingot We need to unite!

  5. join my team!! Alihene

    bad bullet players!!!???

  6. want a tourney to have a lot of players? Alihene

    look at my ultrabullet tourney:

  7. want a tourney to have a lot of players? Alihene

    hyper bullet works the worst.

  8. want a tourney to have a lot of players? Alihene

    want a tourney to have a lot of players? give it a name of the variant and arena. that's it!

  9. I want to give a few free ultrabullet or hyperbullet lessons. Chesstroll_Ingot

    Hello. I want to try myself as an ultrabullet/hyperbullet coach. I need some practice and understanding in this area, so I would like to give a few free lessons. We will do this through Skype, and I w

  10. Please support tournaments with no laggers! Chesstroll_Berserk There must be an ability to create ultrabullet tournaments with lag limiting. Because it's impossible

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