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0+1 KotH TEAM

everyone who likes to play 0+1 KotH please join :)
Location: Lichess

Forum (15)

  1. 0+1 KotH forum Freddy11


  2. 0+1 KotH forum RagingWalrus

    what?, that is impossible!, how?, my rating is a mere 1900

  3. 0+1 KotH forum ChesSuxX

    Your in the top10 !!! ;D

  4. 0+1 KotH forum RagingWalrus

    sorry, i am disgraced, i gotta leave, my rating is too low even to be noticed

  5. 0+1 KotH forum lichess

    Welcome to the 0+1 KotH forum! Only members of the team can post here, but everybody can read.

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