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  1. 0+1=1 MODAFA

    RU . Если клуб назван 0+1 то почему нет турниров, на одну минуту. EN If the club is called 0+1, then why is there no tournaments on one minute.

  2. j'adore fossiles

    j'adore le king of the hill

  3. i also like 0+1 koth asterakis

    i was top 50 but not anymore

  4. 30sec+0 time control. Chesstroll_Ingot

    Hello, people! If you like 0+1 games, you would probably like 30sec+0 games. If you support its implementing on Lichess, join our new team! I'll try to make this community entertaining! http://liches

  5. What's['re] your favourite variant(s) to play lightning chess on? Chesstroll_Ingot

    Atomic. But it's difficult to find an opponent sometimes...

  6. Friends Amc-AntonPg

    I love to chat with other players in Inbox so please if anybody interested in talking with me add me to your friends please Kind regards Anton

  7. What's['re] your favourite variant(s) to play lightning chess on? Unihedron

    Mine's king of the hill.

  8. Пуля. KotMusia

    я готов жду ответа в личку

  9. Пуля. flyosof2

    Может раз команда названа 0+1 может кто нибудь сыграет на 0+1?

  10. bonjour tempdude13


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