[Event "Stafford Gambit Refutation: Stafford Gambit for White"] [Site "https://lichess.org/study/xPtyfpg1/Na3xFaob"] [Result "*"] [UTCDate "2022.09.14"] [UTCTime "15:49:24"] [Variant "Standard"] [ECO "C27"] [Opening "Bishop's Opening: Boden-Kieseritzky Gambit"] [Annotator "https://lichess.org/@/Juggernaunt"] [Source "https://lichess.org/study/xPtyfpg1/Na3xFaob"] [Orientation "white"] 1. e4 e5 2. Bc4 Nf6 3. Nf3 Nxe4 4. Nc3!? { This is a Stafford Gambit with the reverse colors and with additional tempo because you are playing White. And because you already have your bishop on c4, this position is better for White compared with the positions that we analyzed previously. And this line is one that you must consider. Let's see briefly some lines. } 4... Nxc3 5. dxc3 { [%csl Gc4] } 5... f6! { This is the best move! And it's not a move that many players like. Now the a2-g8 diagonal is weak, but the e5-pawn is protected. } { [%cal Rc4g8] } (5... d6?? 6. Ng5 $18 { White wins because there is no defense on f7. } { [%csl Rf7][%cal Rc4f7,Rg5f7] }) (5... Nc6?? 6. Ng5 $18 { Once again the same tactical motif. } { [%csl Rf7][%cal Rg5f7,Rc4f7] }) 6. O-O { You can simple castle here and continue with the development. } 6... c6?? { This is the most common move played here, but actually, it's a huge blunder! } { [%cal Yd7d5] } 7. Nxe5! $18 { Black is completely lost here. So, you can see that the Stafford Gambit with White is playable and it contains some venom. } { [%csl Re8][%cal Yd1h5,Yh5e8,Yh5e5] } *