[Event "Bernhard Horwitz, Josef Kling, 1851, \"Chess Studies\": Chapter 1"] [Site "https://lichess.org/study/wgp5v8iQ/vSwweY5t"] [Date "2021.04.21"] [White "New game"] [Result "*"] [UTCDate "2021.04.21"] [UTCTime "10:24:08"] [Variant "From Position"] [ECO "?"] [Opening "?"] [Annotator "https://lichess.org/@/Otdanon"] [FEN "8/6p1/6r1/6k1/3N4/5P2/5K2/8 w - - 0 1"] [SetUp "1"] [Source "https://lichess.org/study/wgp5v8iQ/vSwweY5t"] [Orientation "black"] { This position is a fortress, but it is far from elementary. } 1. Kg3 { You shall not pass! This is the only move. White can't allow the black king to infiltrate into White's camp. } 1... Kf6+ { However, Black gives a discovered check, forcing the white king to concede the fantastic g3 square from where he keeps everything under control. } 2. Kf2 { Forced. } (2. Kf4? { Trying to keep the opposition and follow the "the king belongs to the center in the endgame" rule of thumb leads to a disaster for White. Black cuts the white king off and will convert his advantage smoothly. } 2... Rg2 $19) 2... Ke5 { The black king switches the direction of the attack. This is a critical moment. Where does the white knight go? To answer this question, you should think in schemes. Since the white king won't be able to control the f4 and h4 entrance squares, in order to set up a fortress, you need to bring the knight over to g2. A simple check reveals that Black can't refute this idea. } 3. Nc2! { It is somewhat counterintuitive to separate the knight and the king, but this is the only way to save the game for White! } 3... Kf4 { Apparently, Black is pumping up the pressure on the white f-pawn. } 4. Ne1 { A move suggested by the authors of the study, so let's make it. } (4. Ne3 { holds as well. What matters is that the knight gets to g2. }) 4... Rd6 { Black is threatening to seize the second rank with his rook, forcing the white king to the first rank. White can't allow that. } 5. Ng2+ { The knight finally lands on g2. With check! } 5... Kg5 { The black king reluctantly has to fall back. } 6. Ke3 { Now that the fortress has been constructed, most reasonable moves hold for White. } 6... Ra6 7. Kf2 { It is important to have the knight protected, not allowing Black to chase it away with his rook. Just look how the knight and pawn form an impassable barrier for the black king! This is the end of the solution since Black seems to have run out of ideas how to improve his position. } *