[Event "My System & Chess Praxis-1: Whites e pawn is not at exact center squares"] [Site "https://lichess.org/study/17n9KprM/vEX19AeS"] [Result "*"] [UTCDate "2018.11.24"] [UTCTime "04:25:32"] [Variant "Standard"] [ECO "A04"] [Opening "Zukertort Opening: Black Mustang Defense"] [Annotator "https://lichess.org/@/vittalsk89"] [Source "https://lichess.org/study/17n9KprM/vEX19AeS"] [Orientation "white"] 1. Nf3 Nc6 2. e3 { The e pawn is not in the center . White's advance is therefore to be characterized as pawnless in our sense } 2... e5 3. Nc3 Nf6 4. Bc4? d5 { Now the faultyness of white's advance is manifest: the black pawn mass has a demobilizing effect. } 5. Bb3 { already bad , as a piece has moved twice } 5... d4 { [%csl Gc4,Gd4,Ge4,Gf4,Gc3,Gd3,Ge3,Gf3,Gc2,Gd2,Ge2,Gf2,Gg2,Gh2] } *