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FM zumpili lichess streamer

FM  Norbert Barth

Real life stories, chess in history and literature


Last stream

FM Dr. Norbert Barth has an 20 years experience in teaches chess. The live stream is interactive and includes games and conversation with his viewers. His students say, he has the ability to explain the ideas and moves in a simple and clear language. This ability you can follow on His favorite topics are chess history and chess literature.
2312 2228 2124 2054 2162? 1746

19 wins2 draws23 losses
Played 44 Bullet games 222875
10 wins2 draws3 losses
Played 15 Blitz games
Gained 4 new followers
Hosted a live stream

12 wins5 losses
Solved 17 tactical puzzles 23453
66 wins8 draws52 losses
Played 126 Bullet games 23031
9 wins5 losses
Played 14 Blitz games
Hosted a live stream

133 wins6 draws91 losses
Played 230 Bullet games 23044
10 wins
Played 10 Blitz games
Created 1 new study
Hosted a live stream

16 wins2 draws12 losses
Played 30 Bullet games 230814

41 wins3 draws41 losses
Played 85 Bullet games 232221
6 wins1 draw
Played 7 Blitz games
Gained 1 new follower
Hosted a live stream

13 wins9 losses
Played 22 Bullet games 23014
8 wins1 loss
Played 9 Blitz games
1 win
Played 1 UltraBullet game
Hosted a live stream

30 wins3 draws24 losses
Played 57 Bullet games 230538
12 wins2 losses
Played 14 Blitz games 23126
Gained 2 new followers
Competed in 1 tournament
Ranked #49 (top 26%) with 3 games in Hourly SuperBlitz Arena
Hosted a live stream

9 wins3 draws9 losses
Played 21 Bullet games 234310
Gained 1 new follower

5 wins1 loss
Played 6 Bullet games 233331
2 wins
Played 2 Blitz games
Gained 2 new followers
Hosted a live stream

11 wins21 losses
Played 32 Bullet games 230251
12 wins7 losses
Played 19 Blitz games 230624
2 wins
Played 2 Rapid games
Competed in 1 tournament
Ranked #16 (top 10%) with 7 games in Hourly SuperBlitz Arena
Hosted a live stream