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acidgambit lichess streamer


troll chess TROLLOLLOL


you will get worse at chess by watching this stream
do NOT watch my stream - i will slap you
bad music suggestions get timed out for 10 minutes
1498 1615 1398? 1619 1568?    -

4 wins1 draw2 losses
Played 7 Blitz games 149824

1 loss
Solved 1 tactical puzzle 17976

1 loss
Solved 1 tactical puzzle 18034

2 wins1 loss
Solved 3 tactical puzzles 180714

3 wins2 losses
Played 5 Blitz games 147418

5 losses
Played 5 Blitz games 145633

3 wins2 draws8 losses
Played 13 Blitz games 148942

Gained 1 new follower

3 wins5 losses
Played 8 Blitz games 153136

1 win
Played 1 Blitz game 156710