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Can you make an opening trophy?

Asked by Ringboss
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Can you make an opening trophy?
geobadger commented :
How do you even get your openings rating that high? I nearly always receive opening puzzles lower than my rating.
ILIKEMILK commented :
You've been on lichess for two hours & you're already begging for a trophy? Come on man, chill out..
Ringboss commented :
I have probably played chess for most of my life. I have awards at home. This website does not tell you how long I have played chess. It only states how long I have been signed in playing chess. I rarely sign in to lichess I prefer to play as a guest.
One answer
Answered by Unihedron
No. This is because achievements in training modes are too arbitrary, and we don't monitor cheating in training modes so rewarding trophies would give an incentive to cheat. Additionally, your opening rating is 2273, which is really low.
chessplayer_909 commented :
And also openings are all about memorization.
Ringboss commented :
Thank you for your concern for my rating. But I rarely sign in. I spend 90% of my time playing as a guest and thank you for answering the question.
mathwhiz16 commented :
2273 is really low? You’re making me feel bad… :( :P

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