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How do ranks and leaderboards work?

Asked by Clarkey
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What are the mechanics behind leaderboards and the ranks on my profile?
3 Answers
Answered by Clarkey
In order to get on the rating leaderboards at, you must:

1. have played at least 30 rated games in a given rating,
2. have played a rated game within the last week for this rating,
3. be in the top 10 in this rating.

The 2nd case is so players who no longer use their accounts stop populating leaderboards.
Awesomazing commented :
And also rule 4: you have to not have ? in your profile
DoumBlanchette commented :
Are the rankings updated live or at a specific period? I ask the question because we have a ranking in our Lichess Team and my ratings are higher in 3 categories from the players holding the second place in my team but I am still at the third place. Could you provide the algorithm that is used to calculate the ranking please?
Mister2 commented :
DoumBlanchette, go to someone's account and hover your mouse over their rank. It'll say,"Rank is updated every 15 minutes".
Answered by kettwiesel
currently the rules are:
1. Rating is NOT provisional.
(If Rating deviation parameter is greater than 110 then rating is provisional and it has an attached question mark)
2. have played a rated game within the last week for this rating
3. be in the top 10 in this rating.
(if 1. and 2 are true you have a ranking place)
Answered by Toxenory

Answered 18 gün önce by Toxenory
Toxenory8 saat önce#1
Everyone "ranking of the best players within the team" was wondering how it's determined. I discovered the solution to the problem with a few experiments. I want to share it with you.
Factors affecting the average Rating of,

1. Classic Rating (Cr) and Number of Games Played (Cm)
2. Blitz Rating (Br) and Number of Games Played (Bm)
3. Bullet Rating (Lr) and Number of Games Played (Lm)
4. Correspondence Rating (Or) and Number of Games Played (Om)

Here is the formula:


Cm: Total Classical Game
Bm: Total Blitz Game
Lm: Total Lightning Game
Om: Total Correspondence Game

I hope it helped.
natello35 commented :
Well it is the average of standard ratings weighted by the number of matches in each standard variant.

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