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Emergency Reactor Shutdown

Asked by Randoman
Tags lichess reactor emergency joke
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What is it? Why can anybody click it ? Does it shutdown the whole server ?? Just curious thanks.
xadrez_pt commented :
Now only the mods can see that page :P
See this:
3 Answers
Answered by thibault
Only use this button in case of extreme emergency. Like, if someone threatens to slaughter a kitten, or if you suspect they may be using a mouse to drag pieces on the board.

Anybody using the button just for fun is really, really naughty.
Rebse commented :
So i confess i'm really, really naughty - but i had a peek on the source before ;-)
BillyBob123 commented :
Thibster, you are the ultimate troll. Thank you
Answered by mietk
It does restart the server, that is why the site has been so unresponsive lately, because people keep pushing that button. It's a good thing the button is hidden so well, otherwise it would be much worse I think. Just please don't click it anymore!
Answered by Clarkey
It doesn't do anything, the button is a joke.

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