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Starting tournaments with different pairing systems

I would like to know how to start tournaments using different pairing systems. Also I think it would be neat if there was a round robin system for small private tournaments.
4 Answers
Answered by bukazoid
Let me vote for this feature. It would be good to have possibility to create small(for now we have 10-12 competitors) private round-robin tournament. It would be good for small group of people, for example in our firm we have chess tournament every year before new year and making touenament using lichess whould be a good option because games will be saved and we will not worry about unfair scheduling, chess clocks and so on.
WasteMan commented :
Thanks for the support, hopefully more people read and upvote this. I would love to see this be added to the site!
Answered by apalladi
Yes, me too ! The present pairing system is terrible !!
Answered by ryan_2004
I would love to have that! The pairing system we have now is not too bad, but maybe including elimination or something like that would be fun.
Answered by FourNinetySix
Sounds good. Choice of a pairing system could/should be one of the options.

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