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Can we download pgns of annotated games *with* the notes?

Asked by ZukertortsGhost
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The annotation feature here at is one of the best things about the site. Many of us check our games immediately upon their completion to learn and reinforce that learning in the most efficient manner possible. The computer generates a pgn that we can cut and paste. But it would be a nice feature if -- even just optionally -- we could opt for our mass downloads to include the annotated rather than the unannotated version of each game that has already been checked.
2 Answers
Answered by Unihedron
There is currently no way to export with existing annotations of the computer analysis in bulk. In other words, currently you would have to export the games one by one for the annotations.
Answered by Dr-Zaitzev
Nowadays, you can add no notes in the "pgn", but you can; you can create lines and comment them 'n the chat.

If you want to propose the feature, just do it here:

Or via Lichess-IRC (official Lichess chat):

The Lichess chat name, -if the gap is blank- is #lichess

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