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Why doesn't the block feature work?

Asked by KoopaTroopa77
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I blocked a player for spamming me with abusive messages, but they continue to spam arena chat with insults and abuse towards me. I reported them but the report was ignored. If I want to stop seeing this I have to completely disable arena chat. Why is the system designed specifically to allow horrible people to ruin things for everyone else?
One answer
Answered by bufferunderrun
KoopaTroopa77 commented :
I did report the player, as I mentioned. However, my issue is that blocking a player does not prevent you from having to see their arena chat.
bufferunderrun commented :
If you block a player, he or she won't be able to send you private messages or challenge you. You also won't be paired with this person if you seek a game in the lobby (does not apply to tournaments). Blocking does not hide this person's messages in public chats. As stated above, if you feel you are being insulted report him or her to us.

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