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Which domains should I whitelist to be able to normally use Lichess?

Asked by WaisKamal
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I have a terrible internet connection, so to be able to play on a PC I need to blacklist all domains excluding those used by Lichess. Put in another way, I have to whitelist those domains used by Lichess. For this I have disabled the DNS server and added some domains in the windows "hosts" file. Currently I have whitelisted (, ( and ( Furthermore, I have two questions:

- Google's IP addresses change constantly. This means that the IP address I have whitelisted ( will not always be the required one. What should I do to always allow the correct one?

- Are there any more domains I need to whitelist?
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Answered by bufferunderrun
Not really sure how this is going to help you in case of terrible connection, well unless your ISP has DNS issues. In that case you could try Google's DNS:

Anyhow, - if you want to play - for latest updates' images - for fonts, don't really need this one. You can simply grab a copy of Noto Sans, Noto Sans Bold, Roboto Light from and install locally. Or even if you don't, the site will still work just fine, since the browser will fallback to one of the standard fonts.
I don't see why you need
WaisKamal commented :
Thank you. To answer your questions, this does help when your connection is terrible because it reserves the bandwidth and speed for Lichess instead of system services. is the domain serving the fonts.

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