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Why is it that I can join as many games as I would so choose, without being banned, but I cannot leave as many as I choose, resigning or aborting?

Asked by ChristiannameJames
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If I would leave a game by resigning, or leave a game by aborting before it even starts: why am I limited as to how many times that I can abort or resign a game, and then banned if I decide to? Why have a resign and abort option to games, but limit one as to how many times that they can resign or abort a game?
2 Answers
Answered by bufferunderrun
The limits are there so that people don't abuse the options given to them, it should be rather obvious.

You have the possibility to resign the game in over-the-board tournament as well. But if you start resigning after a few moves, you are going to be kicked out before the tournament ends. In addition, tournament director is going to send a report to your local federation and possibly also a complaint to FIDE's ethics commission. And you may end up being barred from playing, just like here.
ChristiannameJames commented :
Greeting, friend. I am experiencing being banned for 15-40 minutes for reresigning from casual, unrated, unrating-affecting games. Casual; not serious. If I make a mistake, and know I cannot recover from it in the same game, and resign, for the opponent has won, in the casual game, how is that keeping people from playing chess; Starting a new game because you lost at another?
bufferunderrun commented :
I'm pretty sure you are not getting temporary playbans because you resign in lost positions, on a contrary it's because you leave games without resigning and aborting too many games. By doing so, you are wasting both yours and your opponents time. I understand that the games are unrated and may not be that important to you, but this isn't really a good excuse.
Answered by dongurke
If every chess player on lichess would abort games all the time then nobody gets to play chess anymore. Do you really want to wait for half an hour just to play one blitz game?
ChristiannameJames commented :
Greeting, friend. True. It does not justify banning a player from using the app, who plays casual mode games, when they see that they have lost and resign peaceably.

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