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Computer Assistance?!

Asked by Elieaj
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After a while not playing on lichess, i decided today to play some 2+1 games... Played 6 won 5 and lost 1, my profile says: using computer assistance!! First of all, it is 2+1, i'm not sure how I can use Computers... 2nd I don't have a computer program on my pc or mobile...3rd when I need computer assistance, i use Lichess/Stockfish...
So what happened there?!?
Thank you
4 Answers
Answered by haaazy
sometimes lichess flag people that dont use computer , mistakes happen
Answered by Natbee
because if you use OZ you can play 6-7 games
Answered by Elieaj
What does OZ mean? "Apparently I have to fill more words until I reach 30 characters"
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