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King of the hill tournaments

Asked by Nf5andwins
Tags king of the hill tournament koth variant
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Why are all the KOH tournaments held with such a fast time control? (0-1)
Unihedron commented :
Because people want to play king of the hill with fast time controls? Isn't it straightforward? If a time control of variant is liked, tournaments will be made and people will join.
Nf5andwins commented :
the question is why do ALL the koh tournaments have to be 0 ? In that case, how do you set up or request a 2 - 0 KOH tournament, for example?
V2chess commented :
You can set the time control to the desired time control.
One answer
Answered by natello35
The KOTH tournaments you are talking about are, I suppose, created by lichess users. The time control used in these tournaments are thus entirely decided by their creators.

If you desire to play another time control, you can either join the daily/weekly/monthly KOTH (official) tournaments or create your own tournament using the link given by V2chess :

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