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Is trkaljanov a cheater?

Asked by gawagei
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He manipulates the clock
3 Answers
Answered by FoxKing
I don't believe it is possible to manipulate the clock. Perhaps you are experiencing connectivity problems.

I believe that calling people out for poor behaviour or accusing them of cheating in the 'Questions and Answers' or 'Forums' is frowned upon. It is recommended that you report them instead.
NoobBatter commented :
Anyone seen that chessbrah vid where the guy got 2 sec per move in a zero increment game? Hansen went wild.
Answered by NoobBatter
Still... that's suspicious. I don't think it would take 20 seconds for a 2200 with a +3.7 to think, then get flagged. Truly, there is no reason to quit on the clock.

Still, the clocks only ran down... I have no idea what you are talking about.

Here's the game if you are curious:
Answered by Arustides
Also I often and see if changing ip for a bit of time's not what will want to say

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