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Disappearing circles in studies

Asked by Shiaxou
Tags study arrows and circles
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Hi! I have been working on a study in which I need to see which moves will lead to a win. In order to do this, I've chosen to mark the squares with circles (63 circles, no arrows). However, when I go to another chapter to create a new position and then go back to the previous one, about half the circles are gone. Also, while investigating this problem the study somehow deleted all the circles at once, without me clicking on anything.

Is there a limit to the number of circles and Arrows you can draw in a study?
Is there anything I can do about it?

Allonautilus commented :
I use quite a few circles in this study and have not had problems with them. Is your mouse good? It may be a client side problem.
Shiaxou commented :
Never had any problems with the mouse before. I'll try again later tonight. Thx for your comment tho.
ODMWND commented :
I've had a problem where studies don't keep track of edits even though the "record" setting was on. I could make changes, then flip to another position and back, and my changes would be gone. Sounds just like what you're describing.

Refreshing the page usually fixes it.
Shiaxou commented :
So I've tried both options (refreshing page and switching computer+network even) but none of it seems to work. Thx tho.
Shiaxou commented :
So I've checked with @ProgramFOX and there seems to be a limit of 32 circles.
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