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Shouldn't Knight vs Bishop endgame automatically end in a draw

Asked by slavaflex
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I just played a game where after last exchange I had a bishop and a king and my opponent had a knight and a king. I was losing on time (15 seconds remaining) so I was quite happy to make that exchange and expected the game to be automatically over with\ insufficient material reason. 2
To my knowledge, you can't mate an opponent with a single knight or a bishop.
Eventually, I offered a draw and lost on time but that's a different story :)
the question I have why it didn't end as a draw automatically?
2 Answers
Answered by Toadofsky
No, the only automatic draw is that where neither player can checkmate by any series of legal moves.
Answered by finlip
Imagine White K on a3, N on a5; and Black K on a1, B on b1. White to move. Nb3#

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